Looking for Help for Your Small Business?

You're probably visiting this web site because you're looking for a CPA who can help you with your business or individual taxes, accounting, or business planning. Or because you're looking for general small business information.

With those notions in mind, let us briefly summarize both the accounting services we provide and the free resources available from this website. If after you review this material you're interested in using our services, great! Know that we would be honored to talk with you. But before you click the "becoming a client" link to make first contact, let's talk more about how we might be able to help you.

Business tax preparation and planning

We specialize in providing tax accounting and planning services to Subchapter S corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies and their owners, including those entities that operate in multiple states or that have an international component to their tax return.

We also offer individual tax preparation and planning services to individuals with complicated tax returns. Perhaps not surprising given our location in Redmond, we do a large volume of work related to employee stock options and grants, restricted stock options, and similar equity-based compensation of the type common to the tech industry.

Fee-only hourly personal financial planning

For tax preparation and tax planning clients, we will provide integrated personal financial planning services including retirement and college planning advice, investment and asset allocation planning and estate planning.

We provide these services purely on an hourly basis, thereby saving you the one to two percent fee that many financial planning firms levy. Note, too, that unlike the great majority of financial planners and investment advisors, we integrate our personal financial planning services with our tax planning. This integration typically provides very significant synergies-especially for business owners and active real estate investors.

QuickBooks software training and consulting

If you're a business tax preparation or tax planning client, tax accountants from our offices can help you set up an appropriate business accounting system using a tool like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Basic, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Enterprise. We will provide QuickBooks cleanup and related services on an hourly basis.

In many cases, a few hours of a skilled accountant's time can greatly improve the accuracy and usefulness of your QuickBooks data and financial reports. (As you'll see if you spend much time poking around these pages, we happen to be the author of two rather popular books written about accounting software, QuickBooks for Dummies and Quicken for Dummies.)

General accountant services and business planning

We can provide as much help as necessary to prepare financial statements and work with you to create a practical business plan.

You may find it useful, by the way, to know that another one of the books we've authored, MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel, has been used at several top-ranked business schools (including Dartmouth, Columbia, Notre Dame, and Thunderbird) as a text for business planning classes, seminars and workshops. The MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel link (see left edge of window) provides you with free access to an HTML version of this book.

This site also provides a ton of free information available nowhere else. The easiest way to see what's available is to click the links that appear along the left edge of the page under Downloads and eBooks. Note too that the Our Blog link leads to another website, our Evergreen Small Business Blog.