QuickBooks Software Consulting & Related Services

Believe it or not, QuickBooks is much, much easier to figure out than the accounting software programs of two or three decades ago. However, QuickBooks isn't always easy to use. And sometimes, unfortunately, getting QuickBooks to do what you need is really a headache.

For this reason, we are happy to help business owners and their staff get QuickBooks working just right. In most cases, a modest amount of personal, one-on-one training lets a business get going with its accounting. In an hour or two, we can show you how to deal with the basic transactions you'll actually record when you use QuickBooks for real, let you tour QuickBooks with either Steve or one of the other accountants acting as your guide, and just generally make sure you get off on the right track.

In some cases, we may recommend a business move to a simpler accounting solution (such as Quicken). In other cases, we may recommend a business move to a more powerful accounting program. However in most situations, QuickBooks is an effective accounting solution for a small business.

One related editorial comment: we truly believe you need a good accounting system in order to succeed in business. If a business can't easily see when and where it's making money (and when and where it's not), that business is in serious trouble.

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