Free Kansas Incorporation and LLC Kits

Kansas Corporation and LLC Kits

Ready to form a Kansas corporation or limited liability company?

You can save time and money setting up your new entity by using one of our do-it-yourself kits.

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Do-it-yourself Option #1 – Kansas Limited Liability Company Kit

Want a Kansas limited liability company? No sweat. Our Kansas LLC kit discusses and describes the twin benefits of using an llc for your business or investing. And then the kit explains in step-by-step fashion how to setup your Kansas llc in a few minutes, how to get a federal tax identification number for your new llc so you can start banking and other financial activities, and how to elect to have your llc treated (for income tax purposes) as a C corporation or as an S Corporation so you can maximize your tax savings.

Special Bonus

An LLC also needs operating agreements and the downloadable llc kit for Kansas includes both example single member and multiple member LLC operating agreements.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Maximizing the twin benefits of an LLC
    • Limited liability protection
    • Tax classification flexibility
  • Drawbacks of an Kansas LLC
  • Easy-to-follow steps for forming an Kansas LLC
  • Licensing a business in Kansas
  • The right way to get a Federal EIN for your LLC
  • Precise steps for electing C Corporation status for your LLC
  • Precise steps for electing S Corporation status for your LLC
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Do-it-yourself Option #2 – Kansas Incorporation Kit

Want a regular Kansas corporation? Again, no sweat. We got you covered. Our Kansas incorporation kit covers the basics of incorporating... and then it explains in step-by-step fashion how to incorporate your Kansas business or investment, how to get a federal tax identification number for your new corporation, and how to elect to have your corporation treated as an S Corporation so you can maximize your tax savings.

Special Bonus

The downloadable do-it-yourself Kansas incorporation kit includes sample corporate bylaws, which you or your attorney can use as a starting point for creating your own, personalized corporation bylaws.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the twin benefits of Kansas incorporation
    • Limited liability protectionn
    • Tax classification flexibility
  • Disadvantages of incorporating in Kansas
  • Licensing a corporation in Kansas
  • Quickly getting a federal employer identification number (EIN) for your corporation
  • Maximizing the tax benefits of your new corporation
    • Determining when a C corporation saves the most tax
    • Determining when an S Corporation saves the most tax
  • Precise steps for electing S Corporation status for your corporation
  • Sample Kansas corporation by-laws
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Money Back Guarantee!

By the way, my do-it-yourself incorporation and llc formation kits come with a money back guarantee: If you don’t get what you want or need from a kit, contact me at to receive a refund. Note that Stephen L. Nelson, Inc., the affiliated entity that sells these do-it-yourself kits, processes refund requests manually, so your refund may take a work day or two to process.


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